Q.Mr. Fulford. I embrace your ideals. I hope what you are doing succeeds. America's elite are destroying it from within and they are laughing. I'm ashamed of my country. What has happened to us? I was wondering, what type of supressed technology have they kept hidden because of the IMF and its banker cronies? I know Tesla technology and the Water engine definitely. What else is out there and is there anything else I can read about that?

A.There are thousands and thousands of inventions that have been suppressed by the Pentagon, the oil industry and the pharmaceutical industry to name but a few. Overall, a few greedy trillionaires have been suppressing human progress in order to maintain their power.
Just search the net for a while using key words like suppressed technology, tesla, zero point energy, anti-gravity etc. Fortunately, the Asians are starting to develop these technologies so the Pentagon will either have to release them for civilian use or see the US fall way behind.

Q.I just saw your Earthquake machine HAARP video on YouTube.
That is an amazing interview with excellent evidence.
Thanks very much for caring!

Friends and I own the "Aliens UFOs Free Videos" network.
And we own A.U.Y.V.N

I have lived in Japan and Guangzhou China.
My girlfriend is Japanese.
I even have extensive Soka Gakkai International experience.
They banned me because I kept trying to talk about important topics.

After doing all the UFO, ET, and intelligence data research for over 10 years, the information that joined the dots for me is this ...


Or Google ... "Decide Whether We Should Show Up!"

A.Thanks for the information. Did you know that Daisaku Ikeda's real name is Son Tae Chuk and he is a North Korean running a giant illuminati psy-ops?

Q.I ´ve was watching your video through YOU TUBE and www.rafapal.com and with surprise
I heard you like a awaring person,who share pains with us,the suffering people in the
I am latinamerican woman seeing how now we are counting on more ,and more persons.
I can tell you that ,a lot of people in our America perfectly knows the pains caused by ambicious
countries.We are still suffering big stoles and oppression.Many years nobody help us,nobody
believe in us,we were the despised humanity. Even our politics have been stolen to us,killing us
for nothing.We feel we can´t trust in nobody. Militrary system is killing us.
Right now Chiapas,in México, is suffering a military increasing control ,right now I see how in differents
parts of the world military system is standing. Our every day lunch is impunity.
We feel we can´t fight,we are tired,we are sad.Our suffering comes from 500 years ago,and doesn´t stop.Every critic and human person is killed.I can
remember Juan Bosch in Dominica,Salvador Allende in Chile,etc,etc, You don´t know what is
this because you are not from a suffering country. Canada is always together U.S.A to hurt us.
Now I see you like canadian man helping this world be better.I am happy to count on you.
My question for you is, maybe you always have the same question I know. How we can fight right
now.It seems people should to organizing fast,make a network,make something real against that
powerful people.I know many persons are doing something but what can we do if police is
holding us,robbering,or hiting us. ?
As you know latinamerican people is amazing. Many persons still believe in struggles ,we
always have hopes. We always have poors. We always have fights to win.

Thanks for all what you are doing to say the truth.We need you.

A.Venceremos sin duda. Yo creo que Unosur se va unir con el resto del mundo para poner fin para siempre a las tonterias de los gringos

QI'm Iolanda, from spain.

I write english very bad. Sorry.

I'd like to know, why are you convinced that the "new order world" to will lose?

What do you know that we don't know about it?

They have the power, they have the mass media, they have the arms... ufff

and a second question.. I'm a woman, only a poor woman in this world.

what can i do now?

You can answer me in this mail or in your blog. Do it whenever you like.

Thank you for to read this mail and for your interest.

A.Gracia para el contacto senora. Afuera de Europea y Norte America, se puede ver bien que no van a succedir con el NWO. Ahora solamente controllan 17% de la populacion del mundo.

Q.greetings from munich, Germany!
> > > Sorry, my English is not the best. :)
> > > There is possibly a development that is very frightening and you absolutely need to be aware.
> > > It is the entrance of the planet Nibiru / Planet X in 2012.
> > > That could trigger global disasters.
> > > The NWO governments withdraw into the ground and stored seeds and food massively.
> > > The bulk of humanity could die.
> > > Please read in google! Keywords: Nibiru / Planet X
> > >
> > > Links:
> > > http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/4736/What_about_NibiruShock2012_/?vpkey=
> > > http://planetxforecast.com/videos/survivng/index.shtml
> > >